He mixed the words of legends like Ghalib, Qateel Shifai, Firaq Gorakhpuri. Jagjit Singh had also given his voice for ex-prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee poems in the albums ‘Nayi Disha’ and.

Renowned Urdu poets and writers of the time like — Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Hafeez Jalandhari, Hasrat Jaipuri, Qateel Shifai, Ismat Chughtai. known to be the best children’s books illustrator along with.

Three, by using only one poet — Pakistan’s Qateel Shifai — there’s a certain lyrical. The santoor, bansuri, sitar and saxophone are used in right measure. And Shifai’s poetry has its trademark.

Jagjit’s rendition of the Ghazal, or Urdu poetry, was effortless. I would say he was at his most melodious and intense while rendering Qateel Shifai’s ghazals such as Kiya hei pyar jissey humney.

Ahmed Faraaz and Qateel Shifai. The contemporary Indian poets will include Bashir Badr, Qaisar-ul-Jafri, Mumtaz Rashid, Zafar Gorakhpuri and Wasim Barelvi. For hardcore followers of ghazals and Urdu.

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He managed to come up with 19, yes 19, individual melodies for the beautiful lyrics of Qateel Shifai, who over time would develop into one of Pakistan’s most popular and respected lyricists. Many of.

It is, perhaps, because of Mehdi Hassan that I understand the rudiments of ghazal and Urdu poetry. In his concerts. Zauq to twenty first century poets like Qateel Shifai, Ahmad Faraz, Saleem Kauser.

Qateel Shifai, Josh Malihabadi and Khalid Sohail that blurt out their ethical dilemma. The essays draw into a history that is varied, interesting and least understood. The author has also included.

They added that during the previous years, this award had been conferred upon persons like Qateel Shifai, Ahmad Faraz. of the organization and a noble person with high taste for Urdu poetry. He.

Interestingly, his style of singing was different from other qawwals. He merged qawwali with his own poetry and the works of other poets such as Allama Iqbal and Qateel Shifai. “Besides qawwali, his.

Regardless of the fact that Basir Sultan Kazmi is the son of Nasir Kazmi, one of the most acclaimed Urdu poets of the 1950s and 1960s, Basir has carved his own niche in the world of poetry. Ahmed.

IN 2002, I was in Pakistan for six months to finish my doctorate on (Raghupati Sahay) Firaq Gorakhpuri’s poetry from the University of Punjab. To quote Pakistani Urdu poet Aurangzeb Khan Qateel.

His poetry is imbued with Islamic themes, goals, allegories and metaphors. The famous poet Qateel Shifai asked Faiz about it in an interview: Qateel: Islami adab ki tehreek ke silsile mein kuchh.

Anwar-ulHasan ‘Anwar’, himself a poet, recites the poems in the audio version. "Jagjitji had a rare quality of giving melodious tunes to the words of legends like Ghalib, Qateel Shifai, Firaq.

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Lyrics are penned by Qateel Shifai. This song just depicts Zubeda’s range of voice. This is Zubaida-Rasheed Attre-Saifuddin Saif’s best production. The writer is the recipient of the prestigious.

The three-day festival, which will be inaugurated by Mumbai mayor Snehal Ambekar will present an interesting Mushaira (poetry symposiums. acclaimed Faiz Ahmed Faiz to Ahmed Qasmi and Qateel Shifai,

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