Guys, if you’ve ever wanted to date a real-life Superwoman, this is your chance. [Read Related: “Lilly Singh and Humble the Poet Release ‘IVIVI’ Part 2, EDM-Style“] 3. Her super-long locks can get in.

The line is familiar to anybody who has checked out Humble the Poet. (sic)”, Singh wrote on his Tumblr account in response to a follower’s question. Singh is close pals with YouTube superstar.

This is Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh), an Indian-Canadian YouTube superstar, all-round funny-girl, and professional purveyor of swag. Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF Via

In a hilarious music video by Canadian YouTube comedian Superwoman (Lilly Singh) and Canadian rapper Humble the Poet (Kanwar Singh), the duo use the phrase (which basically means disapproval or "pfft".

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With 575 YouTube videos that have a combined 1 billion views, there is no doubt that Toronto’s Lilly Singh—better known as Superwoman. her 2014 music video collaboration with best friend Humble the.

It can be pretty tough to live up to the nickname Superwoman, but Lilly Singh wears the cape. Techvibes caught up with Singh at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles last month to chat about the relationship.

TORONTO — As she blazes a trail in late-night entertainment, Lilly Singh has some celebrity heavyweights. "So good friends like Humble the Poet, Jay Shetty, people that are in my circle that have.

HQ has acquired two books by Canadian-born rapper, spoken word artist, poet, blogger and social media influencer Kanwer Singh also known as Humble the Poet. and I can further my relationship with.

When you see Lilly Singh light up in front of the camera. LS: You know, for me, I’m gonna say it in the most humble way: No. Before I was making videos, I was still a performer. I feel really.

Lilly Singh net worth: Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTube personality. Her song "#LEH" was released in 2014 as a collaboration with Humble The Poet. Today Lilly is one of the highest paid.

“It was so quiet on Monday going home. Everyone was so depressed,” Conde said. Canadian YouTube star and upcoming late night host Lilly Singh and Humble the Poet were in the VIP area of Jurassic Park,

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YouTube FanFest 2016 in Toronto will let you see 17 YouTubers. their videos are pretty easy to binge, so beware. Humble The Poet Toronto-based spoken word artist Humble The Poet, or Kanwer Singh,

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Lilly Singh, better known as “Superwoman,” is taking her self-made stardom to new heights with “A Trip to Unicorn Island”—a documentary that gives viewers a first-class seat on the YouTube sensation’s.

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and the relationship between college play and the pros (9 p.m., ESPN). A Little Late with Lilly Singh: The Primetime Special This variety special will introduce the personable new host of late night.

Lilly Singh, now know worldwide as YouTuber and comedian (and of course, from Toronto) iiSuperwomanii, teamed up with fellow Canadian Humble The Poet to release their second track (if you remember, we.

YouTube star Lilly Singh has posted an adorable Instagram snap from Nick. as well as fellow YouTuber Humble The Poet, at the pair’s Christian wedding. While Priyanka and Nick can be seen sporting.

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Scarborough-born YouTube celebrity IISuperwomanII (I’m 100% sure you’re a celebrity once you have 5,542,692 subscribers) a.k.a. Lilly Singh released. Toronto Raptors homage. Singh and Toronto.

Humble the Poet, Canadian-born rapper. hair and walks of life – has amassed over 2 million views since its release and features Talk Show Host Lilly Singh. With tattoos, beard, head wrap and a.

Scarborough-native and YouTube celebrity, Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh just released a music video for "IVIVI," a grimy tribute to the 416 with famed rapper Humble the Poet over a thumbi-infused.