Saturday, June 16, 2012

Exciting Changes!

Hello faithful family, friends, and running buddies! Yes, we have made some changes to the site and I hope you all enjoy them! They should "hopefully" make life a little easier (after we get through the initial change over, of course). 
First off, you may have noticed a new name for the blog...Life on the pavement... We changed the name as this is more than just a running blog, it's about our life as well. We felt this better encompasses all aspects :)

Secondly, we have a new're very excited to have a ".com" and look forward to all the advantages that come with it!

Thirdly, a new email address is spiffy, right?

I am so looking forward to continuing our life journeys on the pavement and sharing them with all of you! And I love having this reason for not having to send out a Christmas letter every year :)

Happy following! Let me know what you think of the changes! Oh, and lest I forget, there is a giveaway on the horizon!!!

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